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About is a young, innovative and decisive niche consultancy that focuses on unburdening employers with regard to the labor / personnel factor. advises and arranges matters in the areas of international employee mobility (expats, salary splits, postings, etc.), wage tax, social insurance, employment law and HR/P&O. is the place to be for advice, for compliance/formalities, for policy and processes and for interim support. On an ad-hoc basis or in a subscription form/membership. is clear through simplicity and short lines. HR Advice 3.0 in other words.


If you would like more information about the services of, please do not hesitate to contact:


Fabienne Hol-van Goethem on 06 22 89 39 26 or via

About Fabienne Hol-van Goethem

Fabiënne Hol-van Goethem (1966) founded in September 2014. With the aim of being a distinctive player in the broad fiscally oriented HR area and to unburden employers with regard to their personnel. Core values are knowledge & experience, result-oriented & pragmatic, but certainly also involvement & connecting through real attention. is clear through simplicity and short lines. In short, HR Advice 3.0.


Fabiënne uses her many years of consultancy and management experience, gained in more than 20 years working at PwC and then 3.5 years at Witlox Van den Boomen.


From 1990 to 2010 Fabiënne worked in the Human Resource Services Practice of PwC in Eindhoven, Brussels and Rotterdam, with a specific focus on international employee mobility / global mobility (mainly fiscal, but also related areas such as social insurance, labor law, policy and processes). Fabiënne has been an expat herself for 2.5 years: she worked and then lived in Brussels; also for PwC's Human Resource Services practice.


Within PwC, Fabiënne was successively responsible for the expat practices in Eindhoven and Rotterdam. She was also a member of the management team of the Dutch PwC expat practice.


As a consultant, in addition to advising a large number of medium-sized and large international accounts, Fabiënne was also involved in advising on the Netherlands-Belgium and Netherlands-Germany line and on policy and processes in the field of international employee mobility.


In 2011, Fabiënne made the switch from PwC to Witlox Van den Boomen in Waalre. There she set up an integrated HR Advice practice. From the HR Advice practice, clients were advised in the areas of payroll tax, social insurance, salary processing, pensions, international employee mobility, HR and employment law.


Fabiënne studied Dutch Law at Maastricht University and then Tax Law at Tilburg University. She has also followed various national and international technical and management courses.


Fabiënne also writes columns, articles and blogs (eg in Region Business, Service Management, Executive Finance and for Expand), is co-author of Business in Germany) and has experience as a speaker at (international) courses/workshops/seminars.

Would you like more information about the services of,  please feel free to contact:
Fabienne Hol-van Goethem on 06 22 89 39 26 or via

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