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  • International employee mobility / global mobility:
    secondments of employees to the Netherlands and abroad, 30% reimbursement schemes, cross-border workers, salary splits, taxation, social insurance, labor law, temporary employment policy, temporary employment processes, cost optimisations, living/work permits, (quick) scans, etc.


  • Payroll tax:
    work-related expenses scheme, tax optimization of employment conditions, fixed expense allowances, DGA and usual wages, freelancers and VAR/DBA/(model) agreements, checking output salary administration, tax control framework (HT), (quick) scans payroll taxes, etc.

  • Social insurances:
    coverage and premium checks (national and international).


  • Labor law:
    employment contracts, temporary employment contracts, WWZ, WAB, etc.


  • HR/P&O:
    policy (eg.
      broadcasting policy,  remuneration policy), processes (e.g. staffing processes), personnel handbooks, file creation,  (quick) scans, instruments/tools, formats/templates, operational HR work,  etc. is involved in:

  • advice

  • compliance / formalities

  • implementation

  • (interim) support

  • set up and implement processes

  • training and guidance. provides its services at an hourly rate, fixed fees and/or membership (subscription).

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