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working from home

Working from home is becoming more and more common, especially as a result of government measures to

fight coronavirus. Working from home has both advantages and disadvantages, for the employee and for

the employer.

It is important to arrange working from home as well as possible, in consultation between employer and employee

employee. In doing so, various aspects must be taken into account: for example, does

the home workplace meets the health and safety requirements, home working costs can be reimbursed in a tax-friendly manner, is

there is sufficient and good communication between employees and with management, how do we go

assess, is the IT environment sufficiently secured, what if the home worker is not in the Netherlands but

live abroad, is working from home temporary or will it be structural, how do we explain the

agreements about working from home, etc. has developed a homework toolkit. This toolkit answers the above

questions and other questions, contains an overview of the laws and regulations that apply to

working from home and provides tax optimization options for working from home allowances. in addition

the toolkit contains a number of templates, e.g. the basis for a homework regulation and

work from home agreement.

If you are interested in the homework toolkit and/or would like further advice on this,

please feel free to contact Fabienne Hol-van Goethem via or 06 22 89 39


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