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Why is your ideal advisor and business partner?

  • extensive and in-depth knowledge, so high-quality solutions.

  • comprehensive and practical experience, so practical and pragmatic solutions.

  • integrated solutions.

  • innovative, goal/result-oriented and pragmatic approach.

  • short lines, real attention and involvement.

  • flexible and reliable.

  • extensive (informal) network in and outside the Netherlands.

  • rates and pricing models: transparency in advance.

  • the security and the comfort: things are and are well arranged!


Who chooses

  • employers who:

    • want to be relieved of the tax HR and/or HR area.

    • in the full width or in one or more sub-areas

    • structural or on an ad-hoc basis

    • remotely or on location.

  • so employers, who have their (tax) want to have and keep personnel affairs in order and in order. And not (all) are willing and/or able to do this in-house.

  • employees who are going to work cross-border:

    • as an expat

    • as a frontier worker

    • with a salary split

    • etc.

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